Kyle and Bobby Celebrate Thanksgiving
Check out this festive video featuring a pumpkin pie, a can of beans, and some Thanksgiving slop.
For Lee Labrada
We made this one with the hopes that Lee Labrada, maker of fine nutritional bars, would see it and sponsor us... just like that. Enjoy our over acting.
Clif Bar Saves the Day
Another hopeful sponsor video for Clif Bar... here we learn how important it is to eat Clif Bars... they might just save your life.
All About The Walk
Many questions have been asked, so here are the answers and a moving look at what the walk is like
An insane look at how Kyle updates the website... viewers beware!
WalkCanada on Ice
Bobby and I try out our skills on the ice... we discover that walking might be our calling... not skating.
Eat My Dust
I tried to pass Bobby the other day... my mistake.
Nature Time
Kyle and Bobby explore the outdoors and take an educational look at things.
The Atlantic Ocean
We made it to the Atlantic Ocean. Time for celebration.
Kung Cookie
We've walked a long ways together and we've only had little fight. Luckly we got footage of the ordeal.
Walk Montage
The walk is over... join us in a cheesy sentimental look at our adventure.